It’s been two years since we are working hard on our product to make it better for you!
We are striving to be more loyal with Mother Nature and come up with at least a little
possibility of recovering what’s been destroyed before.

We ourselves have become
grateful for what we have received and what we leave behind. This is how the idea of our
product was born: we decided to create a useful product, both for the Man and Nature.

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Unfortunately, nowadays humanity follows a massive ignorance to what true beauty is,
giving priority to short-term facilities that leave us with negative consequences for
hundreds of years.

Our company comes with the first opportunity to minimize waste that does not end up in recycling, it decomposes in the long run.

- Wayris

Organic edible cups are one of the alternatives which offers us the opportunity to breathe
clean air. How come? Because the cups are produced from natural, tasty, biodegradable,
and edible ingredients
that we use daily. Their combination allows us to enjoy drinks and
other desserts in harmony with nature, without damaging the environment.

In case you
leave the cup down on the ground, it will soon be eaten by an animal, bird or it will
decompose. The company aims to work on other types of ecofriendly products leaving a
positive impact on nature.