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About our edible cups

Short information about us

Wayris cups are an alternative to replacing plastic cups. They are edible 🍪 and also very tasty 🤤 their sweet biscuit taste are also appreciated by every children. All these are just because our cups contain only natural ingredients.

Bio Degradabil
Make new friends, start with nature, solution is here
Biscuits + favorite drink = pleasure for everyone
It’s healthy for you and for earth, just try it

Just take a look at these sweetie 😍 cups

You can try our three types of Wayris cups

Classic cup sign


Classic cup sign

Black chocolate

Classic cup sign

White chocolate

Only natural ingredients, cause we care 🤗

Do you want to know from what are made the Wayris cups? Follow the ingredients


Wheat flour c / s, drinking water, crystal sugar, chicken egg powder, skim milk powder, wheat bran, aeration agent, flavoring vanilla

Terms of validity:

Store at temperatures (18 - 5) C⁰ and relative humidity of air max

Net mass:

℮ - 40g / ℮ - 55g with chocolate


75% Nutrition Statement per 100g of product:

protein - 10,6g

fat - 3,34g

carbohydrate - 44,7g

saturated fatty acids - 0,95g

Energy value - 251,3kcal / 1055,3kj

Substances that cause allergies or intolerances:

gluten, egg powder, milk powder

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